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➞ To a Compliant Bill of Materials​
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Done Right
Our platform makes it easy for you to compile and monitor your component documentation towards notified bodies.
Save Weeks of Work per Product
Stop wasting costly work hours of highly qualified employees or consultants on manual compliance admin.
and delays
Don't pay more than you need to
for testing and certification.
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A Component Compliance Platform
for Companies Developing Electronics

Accelerate and de-risk
time to market in development and product compliance

Save tens of thousands of euros per year on manual work, delays, and compliance risks

Easy to use - get started in minutes

AI-powered automatic online search and compilation of verified component test references

Continuous component compliance management, stakeholder collaboration and expiry date tracking

Using our PLATFORM, you will avoid:

Real-Life Case Study With DeLaval

Time and Cost Efficiency

Time saved: 2-3 weeks of work for one single product

Non-compliant components identified already before the first prototype through Certainli

Avoided purchasing unusable component stock

Avoided costly redesign and component exchange at later stages

• Avoided time to market delay

Improved Collaboration and Awareness

• More efficient Internal Communication between Compliance and R&D

Increased awareness and openness among engineers to compliance work

Enhanced Documentation Management

• Safe and efficient handling and tracking
of compliance documentation for critical components throughout the whole development process, the product life cycle, and for future revisions

Total jointly estimated gross savings for one single product:

€8 500

"I definitely recommend this tool to all people involved in the verification and certification of electronics, electrical and automation products."

- Wojciech Swiatkiewicz, Electrical Engineer @DeLaval

Our Benefits

Save Weeks of Work per Product

Free your highly qualified employees or consultants
from manual compliance burdens

De-Risk Time to Market

Reduce supplier documentation collection
lead time from weeks to hours.

Avoid Extra Costs and Delays

Don't pay more than you should
for testing and certification.

Confident Component Selection

We enable you to make early component compliance
assessment an integrated part of your design
process, to avoid costly re-designs.

Documentation Done Right

Our platform makes it easy for you
to compile and maintain your component
documentation towards notified bodies.

Continuous Clarity

Easy component compliance management,
stakeholder collaboration and test certificate expiry date
tracking throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Sustained Market Presence​

Keep your products compliant and in market.

Start using Certainli today...

...to unlock seamless continous
BOM compliance management
for new and old products.

The problem we solve

Choosing components without Certainli


Data Sheets


CAD Models

✗ Inefficient

Compliance Proof

Bigger issue now than ever

Global component shortage
and supply chain issues

– more frequent component exchanges 

and need for alternative suppliers

Steadily increasing regulations


Certainli emerged from a firsthand understanding of the contemporary challenges in product compliance.
Our team boasts extensive collective expertise in product development, electronics design, B2B software and compliance.
Co-founded by Hidden Dreams, a Swedish venture builder specializing in creating companies offering
cutting-edge software solutions, Certainli is on a mission to make electronic product compliance easy with a particular focus on supplier documentation.

Johan Rågmark

Product & Customer Success

Alfred Samuelson


Rashdan Natiq

Development Lead

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